We love what we do and we do what we love.

Mahoni is the brand of transformational coach and channeler Carina-Christina Schwarz.
She's an expert for integral healing and trauma informed coaching, focused on conscious communication, shadow work and spiral dynamics.
She is very connected to her intuition and supports every clients journey in the special way that is needed at that point of time.
That could include: healing sessions, systemic constellations, symbolic reading or sound meditations.
Carina was born and raised in Austria, but is now working abroad with people all over the world.


Eye to eye.
Heart to heart.
Soul to soul.

It's my pleasure to accompany you on your journey with all my heart. My name is Carina-Christina, I'm the founder of Mahoni.

I'm a traveller myself, just like you.

My personal journey started a long time ago and believe me, I've taken lot of earthly baggage with me: Ilnesses, diagnoses, pressure to succeed, addictive behaviours, gaslighting and the feeling of fighting and being alone in this world are just a view examples from my old packing list.

But I've rewritten it. And so can you.

Feel you soon,


My journey started when I met Carina at the age of 20
(we don't even mention the many lives before this one).

Since then we both helped us to expand and create new horizons day by day.
I realized that the people you surround yourself with also determine how you create your life.
Who do you spend your time with and what do you talk about? Realizing that helped me to make room for more happiness and joy, freedom and inspiration.

For me it's time to give now.
To share my experiences and help you to step into
the next chapter of your life.

Believe in magic,


"I had this amazing breakthrough after carinas coaching. I was able to get something I would’ve never thought I could get, only 2 hours after my session with her. That showed me that everything is possible.“

„Carina, thank you so much for all the work you do. You really helped me look behind the surface, to accept how my body is reacting and to trust my emotions.“

„This one workshop taught me many lessons, and I can't wait for more to come. For everyone who is struggling or overthinking to participate in a workshop: Do it. It will help you grow.“


Mahoni is an amazing place to find exactly what you are looking for, be it relief from stress, an exciting new insight to life or a shift in your personality.